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Can someone help me to interpret my Bayesian's results?

I applied pre and post tests to small sample (8 people) to evaluate their lexical inventory. I'm trying to interpret the results but I'm just familiarizing myself with Bayesian and I'm afraid I might make a mistake.

I'd very much appreciate the help!


  • Hello!

    I'm not on the JASP team, but there's a paper called "The JASP Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting a Bayesian Analysis", if you look that up, you can find what you need. I've also found "Bayesian Inference for Psychologists" Parts I and II very helpful. Just looking at your Bayes Factor you can see that the evidence you have collected is in favour of your H1: your data are 112 times more likely under H1 relative to H0, if I remember correctly.

  • Yes, as eniseg2 says!


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