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Unidentified developer (on Mac at least)

edited September 2019 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastiaan,

I'd just like to make a quick comment about the unidentified developer issue. On my Mac (Mojave OS), which has some admin restrictions (from uni), launching OpenSesame for the first time requires admin credentials because the application was not downloaded from an 'identified developer'. This is not a problem for me; I can get it approved. I'd just like to inform you of the issue. Surely you knew it already, though.

Best regards,



  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for pointing this out. And yes, we're aware of it!



  • edited September 2019

    Thank you!

    I would finally need to ask you whether you may know a workaround for this, while using Macs owned by the institution. The IT staff has told me the following after trying to allow the application:

    'Unfortunately even though my admin credentials will allow the software to launch, it will not remember this and on reboot or log off it asks again for the credentials. Because the software is not digitally signed then it cannot be used without an admin account. You will need to speak to the software developer.'

  • I don't think there's anything that we can do about this for now. Or am I wrong, @Daniel ?

  • edited September 2019

    The only way to prevent this, is to make OpenSesame downloadable from the app store, which is quite a challenge considering the way OpenSesame is structured as a MacOS app. Apple imposes strict structural requirements of 'what goes where' in an app, which is difficult for OS to follow because it is based on an Anaconda environment, which has its own ideas of structuring a code base. Furthermore, we need to enable digital signing of all files contained in the app, and I don't know how to do that.

    We've looked into this a long time ago, because it would be great to have OpenSesame in the app store, but we abandoned the idea back than, or just forgot about it (I can't even remember).

  • Thanks a lot, Daniel. That makes perfect sense. I hope to solve it by having a limited admin account created.

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