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Failure to load OSWeb in Microsoft Edge 18

edited October 2019 in OSWeb

Hi everyone,

I want to run an OSWeb Experiment hosted by JATOS and I am running into problems when using Microsoft Edge 18 - Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari all work fine.

When I open the JATOS Link in Edge, the Experiment gets stuck on the Loading Screen. The console shows several error messages:

"SCRIPT5022: SCRIPT5022: only one instance of babel-polyfill is allowed",

"OSWeb has stopped running due to a fatal error.", and

"Error reading osexp: Error: Could not read remote osexp, TypeError: Object is not async iterable".

Do you have an idea what's going on here? Do I need to change something in my programming?

Thank you!



  • Hi Sophie,

    This sounds like a compatibility issue, but an unexpected one because recent versions of Edge should work with OSWeb. We'll look into this, and thanks for reporting it!



    Ping @Daniel

  • Hi all,

    @sebastiaan fixes for this are in the coroutines branch. With those changes more browsers should be supported including Edge.

  • Hi Daniel and Sebastiaan,

    thank you for your answers. Is there any way for me to implement the fixes from the coroutines branch that Daniel mentioned? Or should I just tell my participants that they cannot use Microsoft Edge for this online experiment?



  • Hi Sophie,

    Merging those changes is probably more trouble than it's worth. So my pragmatic recommendation would be: Yes, tell the participants to use Chrome/ Firefox/ Safari.



  • Alright, then I will do that - thank you!

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