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opensesame message 'Failed to read .xlsx file'

Dear Opensesame,

I have given the following message

Failed to read .xlsx file: /var/folders/32/htncvps11bzf4dt70yw_z3c40000gn/T/tmpebAYEB.opensesame_pool/Stim_01_1.xlsx

when I try to run a basic experiment. the xlsx file is in the file pool and apparently runs on another mac machine. I am also told "Import error - there is no module named openpyxl"

Can you please help me?

Thank you



  • I have downloaded and installed latest python 2.7 on my mac in order to make sure that it is all compatible.

  • Hi Andrew,

    openpyxl is the library that is used for reading .xlsx files. But it should be installed by default. What happens if you run the following command in the debug window?

    import openpyxl

    Do you get an ImportError? If so, you can install the library as follows:

    import pip
    pip.main(['install', 'openpyxl'])

    Or (depending on the version of pip):

    import pip._internal
    pip._internal.main(['install', 'openpyxl'])

    Let me know if this works for you!


    (Ping @Daniel )

  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    I can verify that this is still an issue. The second set of commands (import pip._internal) worked to fix the problem for me.


  • Hi Tom,

    What do you mean exactly? Is it still an issue, or does it work now?


  • Apparently I forgot to include openpyxl as a depency while packaging OS for Mac. I've added it to the list and will try to perform a new build soon.

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