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[solved] What does loudness on voice-key script mean?

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More than a year ago I've used the voice key to check the RT of naming.
Couple of days ago I was looking at my output again and noticed I've logged not only the onset time (i.e. when the loudness exceeds the designated threshold), but also the loudness itself, I've then start wondering if there is a connection between RT and loudness.
In order to check that I would like to know what are the units of the logged loudness and is the scale used log or linear?

Thanks in Advance



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    Hi Ezer,

    The loudness measure used here is Root Mean Square (RMS), which is non-logarithmic and in arbitrary units. To know how this translates to dB, you would need to test you set-up, because that depends on various factors, the most obvious of which is the microphone input volume.

    Also note that the recorded loudness corresponds to the loudness of the audio chunk that triggered the response, not to the loudness of the entire response.


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    The fact that the measure is linear is good enough for a quick test, if I'll find anything interesting , I'll repeat the experiment more carefully.


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