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[solved] pygaze_drift_correct resets each time

edited October 2015 in PyGaze

Hello everyone,
I'm having a small but annoying problem with the pygaze_drift_correct plugin.
After I have filled in the fields available about x, y, and target properties, although I save the experiment file (even when I save it with a different name) these values will return to blank the next time I open the same file.
Is there a way to fix this? I'm using the advanced dummy mode, in case this could make a difference.

Thanks for any suggestion,


  • edited October 2015

    Hi Chiara,

    I don't see this problem myself. What version of OpenSesame + operating system are you using?


  • edited October 2015

    Hi Sebastiaan,
    my OS is Windows 7 (professional), and I have Opensesame 2.9.7


  • edited 12:44AM

    fyi, I eventually installed Opensesame 3 and I dont' have this problem any more :)

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