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[solved] Multiple CSV

edited January 2016 in OpenSesame

Hi again!

I'm thinking on a experiment that requires multiple kind of responses (a questionaire, and 2 different tasks) and the output given by Opensesame I know is a little weird if you mix types of responses. Is there any way to make different csv files outputs (one for each task) ? Or I have to code some Python?



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    Hi Guido,

    You could make sure that different types of responses are kept separate in one logfile, simply by creating your own response variables. For instance, when you get a response for one of the tasks, you could do this in an inline script:

      exp.set('type1_response', keyboard_response) # (or whatever response value you got)

    This will automatically create a new column in the logfile, named type1_response.



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    Edit: I think is better to open a new discussion about that problem : )

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