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[solved] PyGaze with any camera ?

edited June 2016 in PyGaze

HI everyone
I've discovered pygaze today and I didn't understood very well if it 's a way of get information from already built eye-tracking system or if I can use it with any camera to create an eye-tracking system ? if yes is there any face detection associated that allow to use a built-in camera ?
I'm trying to understand to use it with the simple_tracker_experiement file from documentation, but it doesn't work yet (i've modify dispsize and dummymode) I guess there are more parameter I should modify in the file to make it work ?
I don't have a really clear idea of how pygaze work...
thanks a lot for any help !


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    As it says in the documentation (on the website and on GitHub), PyGaze is a Python library that you can use to interface with existing eye trackers. The supported brands are EyeLink (SR Research), EyeTribe, SMI, and Tobii. (The latter two are relatively experimental, and do not always work with all setups.)

    If you want to do eye tracking with a regular webcam, you could have a look at some of my other software. I have a PyGame and an OpenCV application, which you are free to check out on GitHub:

    Do note that this is essentially toy software. It's nowhere near as functional as actual eye trackers, and a calibration is required to go from pupil tracking to gaze tracking.



    PS: As you might have noticed, there is a documentation website.

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    Thanks a lot !

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