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Complete Novice Needs Help!


I have never used Opensesame before and am having to design an experiment for my masters dissertation. I'm finding it very difficult to find a tutorial that explains exactly what I need. The experiment includes 2 biographical sketches (just text to be read) and 3 quiz questions (y/n)that need to be counterbalanced across all participants. Each participant then needs to complete 32 syllogisms (this is where it gets difficult), each set of 32 syllogisms needs to include 96 randomly assigned terms and each participant will receive a different set (expecting 60 participants). I have already generated the 60 sets of questions but I have no idea how I would implement all of this (or if it would even be possible!)

I know this probably sounds really convoluted but does anybody have any ideas? o.O


  • Hi there, why don't you start implementing your experiment and post specific questions if you have trouble doing something? Also, I think once you start doing it, you will be able to implement your difficult part with a loop object.

  • Thanks for your reply. Having discussed this with some individuals at uni It has been concluded that to achieve the randomisation required I will have to create 60 different experiments. I am currently having some trouble with the Keyboard Response items. Despite me stating the allowed responses it still advances regardless of what key is pressed, any ideas?

  • Hi,

    Creating 60 experiments is not necessary! Could you please:

    • Attach your experiment here
    • Explain the variables a bit more? In which way are the syllogisms manipulated? Same for the quiz questions
    • And/or send us the set of questions/ syllogisms that you've created so far?

    When you do this, I think we can help you better.



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