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I am creating an experiment and I would like to use the 'form_text_input" but I recognized that this tool doesn't work well. If I am doing a test trial, it is very slow and hard to enter a text because letters got lost and I have to tip every letter with a pause of 1-2 seconds. Is there any solution to improve that?



  • Hi Ben,

    Perhaps this part of the documentation is helpful for you?


  • I must say that this doesn't always work.

    I have a mac mini with Core 2 Due and 4GB ram with a builtin intel gpu. Legacy back-end with Double buffering set to 'no' doesn't help - you still have to wait 1-2 sec between entering each letter or digit.

    On the other hand, I have powerful computer with core i7, 12gb ram, nvidia gpu running linux (not a slower system), xpyriment back-end gives the same issue (with or without opengl), but legacy with Double buffering set to 'yes' is smooth.

    I think there are other issues here as well.

  • Hi Knante and hike,
    Thanks for answering. I'll try to chnage the settings. Hoping it will work out ;)

  • I did change the back-end settings and it works well now, thanks again!

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