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  • So, does that mean that OpenSesame has all the add-ins like numpy and scipy, etc for python already or do I use a pip command to call them first? These are the basics that seem to be missing from the Python instructions.
  • But the discussion stays in "My Discussions" so I was wondering if there was a way to clear out the ones that have been resolved?
  • This all works in the new version too. Thanks for your help. This discussion can be closed. Is there a place we can put out closed discussions so I know which ones are still active?
  • In the new version the logger works. I'm working on getting it in the order I want now. Thanks, this discussion can be closed as well.
  • I installed the new version on the weekend and posted some issues in another discussion. This discussion can be closed. Thanks for you help.
  • Dear Eduard, I wouldn't know how to show that. It happened yesterday when I tried to rename a column heading but it may have just been re-sorting alphabetically. The deletion is not happening in the new version yet.
  • I decided to use sketchpads to display the logos instead. this posting can close. Thanks.
  • logger works in new version. Thanks guys. This discussion can be closed.
  • API: 2.1 OpenSesame: 3.2.0a24 Platform: nt This is the one I'm using and these are the small issues I've run into. I tried reducing the font size by 5 px - that helped a little but I would have to reduce it by 5-10 px more to prevent overlap and …
  • After closing and re-opening 3.2 (which is quite scary when there is nothing in the general script), the code came back - which is great.
  • bug in 3.2 - I was trying to correct the edit box in the sketchpad when the program had an internal error which kicked me out of the edit. I was then unable to access the edit. When I tried to access the backend from the General Script, my general …
  • On a positive note, the logger worked! Clarity for the sketchpad problem - I like to have my long sentences to start at the left instead of centred. This doesn't seem to be working. I can centre things and the sentences are correct but if I ask for…
  • The esc-q is not working all the time. It worked the first time but is not working now.
  • This is all fixed now. Thanks a bunch Sebastian. You are always so helpful.
  • Dear Eduard: For some reason, I have my variables listed but nothing writes out to the csv even if data shows in the logger. I think I'm missing something in my logger code but I don't know what.
  • I have the newer version. I haven't upgraded to 3.2 but it might be a good idea for me to do that now. Is 3.2 'stable-ish'? I haven't started my project yet so the timing is ideal.
  • Hey Sebastiaan, I tried this code but it's not recognizing my form. Is there a way to select the form from a list so I'm sure that it is selecting the form? I get a message that says "name 'items' is not defined". What does that mean?
  • I noticed that even though I deleted 'keypress', unless there is a value, the program will put the word 'keypress' back in. No wonder it didn't work. I input the value '0' and it seems to be working. Thanks for your help.
  • Just tested it out and that does not seem to be the issue. I removed 'keypress' from the sketchpad and it still takes to clicks for each answer to be accepted. This is weird.
  • Hi Sebastian, I have keypress in sketchpad and in keyboard_response I have the keys they are allowed to select. Should I only have the keys they are allowed to select and delete keypress from the sketchpag?
  • In answer to the other questions: Thanks for the logger information - that helps a lot. 1. arbitrary deletion and moving columns happens on its own in the loop especially if you try to change something 2. Most of the other information was address…
  • Dear Eduard: The code has a problem at the moment. I can tell because the window is moved. When the code is right the popup window stays centred. In form_text_input, there are times when it works properly as in the Age/Sex form but there are times…
  • Hey Eduard (and Happy New Year), I think the problem is that I don't know exactly what the logger captures. And part of that problem is that the variables are difficult to see in the sidebar or topbar. Is there a way to print these out or copy them…
  • And is there a way to output the variable inspector. It is too difficult to read at the side or on top. I never see all the columns and scrolling back and forth is annoying.
  • You do not have to address the previous posts. I've put the remaining issues here. I have figured out most of the loops. The problems remaining from the last few days are: 1. help with the logger 2. arbitrary deletion and moving of columns in the…
  • I think I figured out a way to do these questionnaires using the sketchpad. I'm having a problem with the response though. I've asked for a keyboard response and input the keys that are allowed but I have to hit each key twice before the next questi…
  • I had to make a folder in the path before the program would save again.
  • Another questionnaire I will be using is quite complicated. I have attached a copy of it. Do you think this questionnaire would work better as a form (e.g. using rating scales for the response choices) or as a loop? I will have to score this questio…
  • I did change to full screen and ran the code but it would always pop the window down a bit and to the right. I found out that if my code had no errors, this would not happen. It's working at the moment. I posted a new question about loops on the fo…
  • Dear Roelof: I think it means there is an error in my code somewhere. When there are no errors, the screen moves to where it needs to be. I was wondering if it might be easier to set the cols and rows to the maximum by default based on the resolu…