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  • Hi, Fladd I am trying to make simple n-back task. Since I can't refers the same trial with different result (i.e, "2,3,2". "number 2" in first sequence is false, and "number 2" in third sequence is the answer) were my b…
  • Hi Florian thanks for the fast reply I just try again with the same video and I even use the higher video resolution. All work fine even I can record my time!, that never happen since my first trial. All my video in mp4. However, there is two probl…
  • Hi all, I've a few question about using video as stimuli: 1). If this possible to collect reaction times while video runs? 2). I played video with frame height 364, frame weight 380, frame per second 11frames/second and lenght 6 second. The video…
  • Thanks for the reply E.J I'll contact for team support very soon. For the information, I tried to use Win 10 64 bit and work perfectly.
  • Thanks for the respon! Sorry, ignore the second example, thats just silly. What I am trying to reach is like first example but evaluate the elif statement. Just like this: block_one = expyriment.design.Block(name="1") trial_one = expyriment.des…
  • Hello Flaad, After several trials, I got this code work exactly just what I want. I just simply change : if key is None: if trial.stimuli[0].text == 'cruel': correct = 'true miss' else: …
  • I get the same result whatever I modify the condition. Any suggest would be great n thanks a lot I make my stimuli more simple to test the correct answer. I hope this help and I am very grateful for your answer.
  • Hi Flaad really sorry to bother you again. I have stumble upon in other error. The code give me : AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add' Exception TypeError: "'NoneType' object is not callable" in > ignored As far as I un…
  • Hi Flaad, Thanks for the quick response. Yes!, that's right what I really meant. I think go/nogo task have very different structure from flanker or stroop task. My understanding is that I don't need to specify the response with "trial.set_factor(…
  • Hi all, I am new in eyetracker and got a lot of help in this forum. Thanks for amazing contribution in making Gazepoint GP3 works. Such a great elaboration. I tried from very basic and follow the step from this thread. I got a lot of errors but fina…
  • Hi Fladd, This error considering a bug from Dror in Trajtracker, just upgrade Trajtracker via pip solve the problem (pip install --upgrade trajtracker). Sorry about delay and thanks
  • Thanks Fladd for your fast answer. Now it works like what I expected. Also an embarrassing problem from my code is I accidentally put the exact position for the both stimuli, which make them not swaping from trial to trial. I'm really apologize for…
  • Apologize for that. This is my code and should work Hope this help Many thanks Tanto
  • Hi Eduard. Thanks for your help!.I just realize that. I've change dict with list and iterate with "pres_stim = stim[trial]". Thanks Tanto
  • Thanks Pascal for your reply and plugin installation. I was wrong took the different version, that cause the error message. Just install development version, it solve the problem too. Thanks!!
  • Thanks for your reply Sebastiaan. Yes, I found only in mousetrap_form, there is no error in mousetrap_response. With your suggested version there is no error after all.
  • Yes many thanks Florian! and sorry for frequently asking you terrible question.
  • And Fladd why did not you make some tutorial Expyriment for beginner to advanced user. I think its very useful and I would like to join the course. Just my opinion
  • Thanks for the response and here some information about my machine. I hope this helpful. {'python_expyriment_build_date': 'Thu Mar 9 13:48:59 2017 +0100', 'python_version': '2.7.14', 'python_expyriment_revision': 'c4963ac', 'hardware_internet_con…
  • Hi Florian Thank you very much! the basic is combine with tuple with every stimuli. I'll work for the rest (correct response in certain emotion).
  • My apologies, I am new in Python and all the stuff scripting language. My research is to distinguish ERA (Emotional Response Ability) with Positive Emotion and Negative Emotion. In positive emotion I have happy and joy, in negative emotion there are…