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  • Hi all, Brief update in case anyone else has this problem in the future: We've spent several days now fiddling with this, sadly unsuccessfully. Sebastiaan's comment about the correct settings for IP address and ports made a lot of sense. I had …
  • Hi again thanks for the quick response and for clarifying about the dummy version. This morning's update: The "simple dummy" works (unsurprisingly) for the example you posted, the "advanced dummy" does as well (except that I could only move the m…
  • Hi Josh, Sebastiaan (and anyone else) while my students are busily creating the basic experiment, I've been trying to get the connection with the eyetracker working. So far, they are more successful than me... I don't quite understand Sebastia…
  • Hi Sebastiaan, great, thanks. We'll try that step by step, whenever the lab is free. Don't worry about the disclaimer; your documentation made it fairly clear that SMI (in particular I think the Hi-Speed column rather than the remote RED versi…
  • Okay, one quick maybe trivial question: So far we've used our tracker (SMI iViewX HiSpeed) in a two PC-setup (so there is a display PC presenting the stimuli to the participant (using either E-Prime or SMI ExperimentCenter) and an experimenter PC d…
  • Hi Josh, great, thanks, that's the reassurance I needed to keep going :-) We'll be in touch as soon as we have a basic experiment running - thanks for your help already! Cheers, Helene
  • Hi again, thanks for the helpful tips so far. I think in general we are getting a good handle on OpenSesame, but what I'm a bit worried about is that we might spend a lot of time getting to know the program and still in the end find that it is no…