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  • Dear Whopper, if you need Pillow images you can use the following new Expyriment (extra) stimulus class, which will be soon available via the experiment-stash. https://gist.github.com/lindemann09/3d9f114081618dfba99a3ebfa9a7663b greetings, Oliver
  • Ahh, great. I didn't see that. Thanks. Groeten uit Rotterdam, Oliver
  • I'm using NI-USB 6511 with Python & Expyriment. It runs very stable under Window (but not under Linux). I'm using pyDAQmx (https://pythonhosted.org/PyDAQmx/installation.html) to record the force of responses. Maybe the code of my data acquisiti…
  • Expyriment is shipped with a line bisection task as an example. see https://github.com/expyriment/expyriment-stash/blob/master/examples/line-bisection.py Oliver
  • This is indeed a bug in Expyriment 0.9. It has something to do with newly introduced Python3 compatibility. I have fixed it and the issue will be therefore solved with the next Expyriment release. We will come back to you very soon for a temporary …
    in TouchScreen Comment by oliver April 2017
  • Dear rrr, I have forwarded your message to Florian, the Mac and sound expert in the Expyriment team. He will get back to you in the next week. Oliver
  • Dear Eduard, Thanks for the fast reply. It seems to have indeed something to do with Spyder & qt4. I solved the problem with sudo apt-get remove spyder opensesame python-qt4sudo apt-get install spyder opensesame python-qt4 Best, Oliver PS: -…
  • Thanks Sebastiaan! I had the same problem, but not your simple and clever idea just to package a zip file. I'm really happy that I can finally end my endless annoying discussions with the university technicians, who refuse to install JASP on the pu…