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  • @EJ I‘m looking forward to seeing the new Release! I‘m interested in the results of the bayesian meta-analysis of my own data Published in 2012 and 2014. perhaps there would be new information Not covered by NHST and Fisher tradition:-) ! You do a G…
  • Hi! I have tried several times to code such an item, with no luck. Hopefully, you can integrate such device-interfaces in a future version – or easier-to-read examples. Cheers! Friedrich
  • Thank you very much. Is it possible to integrate this approach in opensesame? Or is it only possible to implement this Routine in expyriement? If it is possible to include this, how would this be done in opensesame? Best, Friedrich
  • As my question has been closed in the OpenSesame forum (which was my mistake, excuse me), is there a way to implement a Midi-Input in Sesame? And how would this routine looks like? Best, Friedrich
  • Hi Florian! Thanks for the quick replay. I'm new to Python as well as too expyriment. How can I access/install those plugins you mentioned? Could you give some hints about the code to use for getting midi information of my keyboard? Best, Friedrich