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Hello, I have prepared an experiment in Open Sesame in which participant's self-relevant information (e.g., name, surname, city, month of birth) is paired with a particular image stimuli (e.g., happy face) and as control I have used other-information (other names, surnames, cities and months) that are paired with different image stimuli (e.g., happy, neutral and sad faces). The words (self-relevant/other-information) are presented at random in different quadrants on the screen and after the participant clicks on those words, a face image appears on the same quadrant (happy face for self-relevant information/ sad, neutral or happy face for other-information). All of these trials belongs to the same block, and I have in total 240 trials. I have the following inquiry though. Since sometimes participant's personal information might coincide with the control words (e.g., if input variable is Dave and I have Dave as a control word), I would like to use another variable list with different control words (e.g., Oscar) as cavnas text. So, for that purpose, I have created another variable (called alterantive_word_stimuli ) with the input variables (the responses given by the participants) and other control words. I have also created two other variables, one (called Responses) only with the input variables (responses given by participants) and another variable (called words_var ) only with the control words (the ones used originally). With this variables in mind I added an inline script in the beginning of the sequence (before fixation dot, word presentation, touch response and image presentation). I am not an expert in Python, but I have tried many if functions and none of them worked (Open Sesame did not send any error message, it just keep showing the original text variable (called word_stimuli). I have tried codes such as: if var.words_var == var.Responses: var.word_stimuli = var.alternative_word_stimuli. I am attaching images of the inline script, and of the structure of the block with their respective variables. I would highly appreciate if someone in this forum could provide me with some insight on how to proceed with this problem. Thanks in advance. Best, Anton https://forum.cogsci.nl/uploads/320/0QIM51HCVJ41.jpg https://forum.cogsci.nl/uploads/031/JIF6NCC7LZ04.jpg https://forum.cogsci.nl/uploads/785/KG8JIS2Q0OOU.jpg


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