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  • rushi_2
    Dear Sir,
    Sorry to bother you, but I really need help in my experiment. Its a visual search task in which I have a target and 25 distractors. I need to know how can i manage to align shapes on sketchpad which I have randomised with change in colors. I have to make it in grid pattern so that each shape will have its designated position even after shuffling.
    I have attached my script file. Any help would be really appreciate.

    Thank you.

    August 10
  • aclaradep

    Hi Sebastiaan!

    Sorry to bother you, but I really need help in my experiment. I need to know if it's possible to collect the response time when I am using the mouse response, because would be better given the number of options.

    Also, I need to know how long it took between: the participant hit the key that starts the experiment until he has finished responding to the last trial. Is that possible? Or any information about the duration time of the experiment.

    April 27
  • sebastiaan imported data.
    Vanilla Export: 2.3, Source: Vanilla 2.*
    April 9
  • AgnèsG

    Hi Sebastiaan,
    Sorry for disturbing you but I have to pass my experiment soon.

    I can't perform my experiment because It's blocked by this message :
    "Extension OpenScienceFramework misbehaved on event open_experiment (see debug window for stack trace)"

    I am working with new version Opensesame 3.1.9 and it's the same mistaken message with opensesame 3.1.6
    Someone have an idea ?

    When i ignore the message and tempt to perform the experiment :

    item-stack: Experience[prepare].son_correct[prepare]
    exception type: error
    exception message: Couldn't open c:\users\agns\appdata\local\temp\expyriment_tmp\tmpazydpt.tga
    time: Sat Jan 13 14:20:39 2018

    Please !!!! Help me !!!

    January 13
  • ravina_nimbolkar

    I want opensesame to keep repeating a trial till the person makes a response. the trail would contain a hidden word masked by other word. The hidden word is to be identified by the participant and press a key as soon as they identify it. They will be asked to type the word after this. The reaction time from stimulus presentation till the word is typed in will be measured.
    can you please help me figure out how to do this?

    December 2017
  • Sil7

    I'd need help in creating a 2-Back Task with digits in which I have 2 blocks containing a tot number of MATCH trials and MISMATCH trials. In the first block, the MISMATCH condition has no lures, whereas the second block contains some lures. Is there anyone who could help me dealing with this? Thank you.

    July 2017
  • sebastiaan changed their profile picture.
    June 2017
  • samoel99

    Hi Sebastian,

    I have sent you an email already but resending it here as well.
    I need to do a linguistics experiment in Arabic using OS.
    I really tried hard to figure out the Arabic font issue as I write the sentences in Arabic (connected letters), but the OS displays them as disconnected letters (please see attached photos http://imgur.com/6cqyxzh ; http://imgur.com/IV3R9ge).
    I also attached the file itself (https://www.dropbox.com/s/l67l3hz3r0qn3ad/EIT-3 draft.osexp?dl=0).

    I came across this discussion link (please see below), but the problems seem unresolved yet. Have you known or someone from the forum brought up this issue and is solved?

    I also put an Arabic font in the file pool but in vain

    I really hope you can solve the issue

    Look forward to your reply
    Many thanks

    April 2017
  • sebastiaan imported data.
    Vanilla Export: 2.3, Source: Vanilla 2.*
    July 2016