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  • Hello Daniel, Thanks a lot for your patient explanation! That is exactly what I want to get, namely the timw window between the video onset and the speech onset, and the keyboard_response will be used only to switch the videos. Thanks again!! …
  • Best regards, Wu
  • Hello Daniel, I am really grateful for your help!! I have stored the experiment and the experiment runs. But still got a problem, that is every time after the first video was showed and I pressed the button to switch to the next one, it breaks. …
  • Hi Daniel, Thanks a lot for this!!! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon! best wishes, Wu
  • Hello Daniel, The output Folder is "default". Can it be the problem of the output sound file. I have changed it to the "desk", but the warning still remains. The details about the sound recorder plugin is as follows: Record sound: yes channel…
  • Hi Daniel, Thanks a lot for your reply! I am also very happy that we got further! The video player pulgin I am using is media_player_mpy. It's the one that are installed in version 3.1. The full stacktrace is as follows: File "D:\OpenSesa…
  • Hello dschreij, Thanks a lot for your help! It does work.:) I have checked the elder folder and did not find the pymedia folder inside. But I do find the pymedia in the newly downloaded soundrecording module that was recommended by you. Thanks ag…
  • Hello dschreij, Thank you very much for your reply. That‘s exactly the mistake I have made. I have already copy the folders separately to OpenSesame's plugin folder and have found it then in the toolbar! Thanks again for your help! I still h…