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  • Hi Sebastiaan, The computer is not connected to the network and despite the installation of version 3.2, it still does not work. I tried to run commands you suggested but I still have an error message. But the experiment works on another computer…
  • Hi, So, version 3.1.2 does not include Python package manager in tools. So I installed a newer version (3.1.9) that I have on another computer and in which I know there is this tab. When I click on it I get a new error message (see attachment). …
  • Hi Sebastiaan, This time, I have an error message. I enclose the screenshot of the error message I got. Thanks ! Emilie.
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Sorry for the delay. If I run import numpy in the debug window, I don't get an error message. The only error message I have is : The synth is not available, because numpy is missing (when I try to run my experiment). Thanks f…
  • Hi MegDarcy, I used the SMI RED 250 with IViewX and I processed my data with BeGaze. To add message in the final file .txt obtained after BeGaze process, I add in an inline script this command : exp.pygaze_eyetracker.send_command('ET_REM "stop…
  • Thank you Eduard ! I add the constrain minist and it seems like it works very well. But I have another question : when I add weight w in the script, words which have a weight = 5 are presented consecutively even if I add the constrain mindist. So, …