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  • Hi Edwin! My variable is not in the right-most column! So, here are my script and the .tsv file as well. Thanks a lot for your help!! Martina
  • Hi Edwin! Thanks for you reply. I'm not sure of where to include my variable in the pygaze_log item. I wrote it on the log message (it seemed to be the only editable space) and it appeared on the .txt file. Unfortunately, I need it to be on my .…
  • Hi everyone! I'm having the same problem mentioned by @martinholding here: we switched the lab PC to windows 10, and now I can't send triggers via the parallel port anymore. I followed the instructions that I found in this documentation to ins…
  • Hi Sebastiaan! Yes, I'm already using the last vesrion of OpenSesame (3.2.4). Anyway, now a different message appears when I try to run your template for eye-tracking experiments; here is it: Starting experiment as ExperimentProcess-1 Expyr…
  • Hi Sebastiaan! Thank you for your suggestion, I wasn't running OpenSesame as administrator (I did it and it worked, tobii-research package has been installed!). However, now I have a different problem (I think). When I run my script using my T…
  • Thank you for your answer Sebastiaan! Unfortunately I'm still having some iussue. When I find the tobii-research package in the Python package manager and click on "Install", the message "Failted to installed tobii-research" occurs. During this, th…