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  • Hi Eduard, Thank you very much for your help ! Your routine works fine. I just have to adapt it to the context of the experiment. Best regards, Gérard
    in Coding a loop Comment by gerhono 3:39PM
  • The program runs with .png files. The problem is solved, thank you for your help. An explanation could be that .jpg files may have different variants of compression algorithms. They may be less standardized than .png. Anyway, thanks again and b…
  • There is an improvement with the .tif format: all the images are visible when put manually on the sketchpad. However, the execution of the program fails again. I am going to try with .png. Are all the formats supported by OS ?
  • Hi everybody, The problem that I have reported is very erratic. I have attached the error message generated in the original experiment. I have identified all the images that do not show up (about 30% of the pool) and tested the display of those i…
  • Hello Stephan, Thank you for this information, but I'm using Windows 10. The problem is not related to a question of timing or sequencing. Some pictures simply don't show up not only when the program is running, but also when I put them manually …
  • You are right ! And it looks like resetting the cell format to 'standard', which is the default value, is not sufficient. When the 'format' parameter has been modified once, the cell is considered 'formatted'. Hence, it is safer to copy the columns …
  • Hi Sebastiaan, There is only one sheet in the file, that I have attached.
  • Thank you Sebastiaan, You put your finger on it ! I've got it now ... Cheers, Gérard
  • Hello Sebastiaan, Thanks for your reply. I am a beginner in OS and I am progressively experimenting the various features of the program. By the way, it is a boon for me. Congratulations for this excellent work ! So, after prototyping and running…