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  • Hello all, Thanks @sebastiaan and @eduard, The hack worked in my case, I added this script at the beginnning of my experiment in prepare phase. And now it is working as desired. When I want participants to write long texts and make lists, hittin…
  • Hello, I am having a similar issue. My experiment contains a form with open text input, which may contain more than one line and when the user presses Enter, they are directed to the next page. Solution to moving next page is as Ece told adding "r…
  • Thanks Eduard, Seems like it was one of the main problems, now I changed the name to var_sent instead of var. and now it can correctly send the message and close the connection.
  • Hello again, I made some more changes and now both instances can make the connection but I want the message to be sent to change based on an internal variable (a form input). If this value (var1_1) equals to 33, it should send 30 and if it is some …
  • Hello again Sebastiaan, For last couple of days, I tried again to make this experiment work with client and server. Now, server and client can make a connection, but they continuously send messages. What I want is, when server sends a specific me…
  • Hello Sebastiaan, I am not very experienced on coding, but I found some walkaround and simplified the experiment. A separate application will be used for chat and Opensesame will get input from only one user, which makes things a lot easier. I wil…
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Thanks for the reply, actually it will be part of a larger experiment and connecting two users from separate computers will be part of the task. Two users, will try to complete tasks by cooperating with each other. They will be show…