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  • Hi Sebastiaan, Thank you for your response and apologies for the late reply. This seemed to be an issue with Python 3.7. Since we ended up using OpenSesame 3.2.8 with Python 2.7, this issue has resolved itself. Thanks again! Simona
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Ahhh I see, that might be it! I don't think the mouse scroll button has been deactivated (they only use the mouse and keyboard, no joystick). Do you think by simply deactivating the mouse scroll button that issue would be resolved? Pl…
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Thank you for your quick reply. We tried that and it doesn't work. When we switch away from the OpenSesame window (using Alt + Esc, or pressing on the Windows key), we can see that the keyboard works fine, but when we switch back to O…
  • Hi Sebastiaan! Thank you for your reply. That's perfect, that way we can make it *even* more complicated to exit the experiment for the kids! Thanks again! Simona
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Thank you for your quick response. We tried installing the 32 bit software version on the computers, but then we had troubles opening OpenSesame and we thought it might be as a result of it being the 32 bit version, so we uninstalled …
  • Never mind! I was having trouble opening more than one OpenSesame at a time, and I just realized that if you double-click on it twice when first opening it, then both open and then you can easily copy-paste...a very "duh" moment for me, I …