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Who copies whom? Is one better than the other - why?


after I discovered JASP yesterday, I am just wondering who is first: The henn or the egg - or in better words:
Is there an original and a copy or how do these two fit together?

JASP ( ) or JAMOVI ( )

Is there a way to tell which is better (the first or the second ...)? Or does one actually need to install both GUIs?

If you look at the features, they are at least similar, GUI ... very similar...

Thanks alreads


  • Hi Stats,

    Jamovi is a project that was set up by some of the people who were hired to help out with the initial implementation of JASP. The reasons for why Jamovi has started at all are a little mysterious -- I certainly never understood it. You may imagine that some people in the JASP team have a strong opinion on Jamovi. But, from a broader perspective, the existence of a conceptual clone does motivate us to work even harder, and it is good for the field as well. Ultimately, the goal is to have awesome, free stats software, including Bayesian procedures; if SPSS would revamp their product and offer it for free this would be even better (unfortunately, this will not happen). We have a pretty clear roadmap in mind, and I'm excited about the planned developments for JASP in the next five years. And that's all I'll say about the topic! :-)


  • Hi E.J.

    I will also post this to the jamovi forum as I hope it will be seen as a request of a fellow programmer and let's say interested scientist.

    I have had a look on both, JASP and jamovi in the last couple of days. They look quite similar, they have many features in common, but there are definitly differences. One (jasp) can easily be used to utilize a different data source by just copying file a.sav to the name used in jasp, the other has the feature to reorder your variables.
    One could probably built a long list of commons and differences, and actually one might find himself still lost which one to use. Or, as in my case: use both. I liked some features better in jasp, others in jamovi.

    So why do I bother to write.
    I have been developing software for quite some time now myself. I know it's work, a lot of it. I also know, that working in a (programming) team brings different set of interest into development. One wants to put preference on this, the other on that.
    Unfortunately you, jamovi and jasp programmers have split efforts instead of working somehow modular on the same project.

    I understand, that each of the development groups (or people) can say, they take the other project as a challenge to be better. What I do not understand though, is why you do not join (again) and try to support a single project where each group can make the best of it's input to.

    The GUI is great, really. But to attract the scientific community, we should learn from each other and support progress. This does not only mean, one unified group could be even more productive, but would also mean that some things would be intergrated faster (and better). GUI is not all, getting back to attracting not only students, I think of R script export. The R syntax mode in jamovi is a good start, but why bother and use either jamovi or jasp if one can not reproduce results with a new set of data, or publish script code for everyone to read.

    In one single sentence: For the good of all, please consider working together with the other development team (again).

    I am looking very forward to the progress we will see and hope my request will not fade unheard, especially because you both jasp and jamovi have your code on GitHub.

    Please, reach out to the other party and join forces. Probably everyone will be better off.


  • Hi Stats,

    I appreciate the sentiment. To an outsider, this must make a strange impression indeed. Let's just say that, if it had been up to me, this situation would never have arisen, and it took me completely by surprise. For a few years now, bridges have been burned and rivers have been crossed, and the past cannot be undone. For JASP, there are really only positives, as we can feel inspired and motivated. Would it have been even better if the Jamovi team had decided to keep working on JASP instead of setting up the conceptual clone? In the end, perhaps not. We have deep pockets right now, and a fairly large team, but there is nevertheless a limit to our resources, and our current programming team is stellar. We are looking forward to a series of key improvements and extensions over the next years!


  • Hi EJ,

    thanks for your reply. I guess that's the way it is for right now. Jonathon from jamovi answered as well (here: ).
    I will keep an eye open on both projects and hope, as you are open source, there will be a time that you are able to cooperate again.


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