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Error while running Tutorial gaze cuing experiment

every time a run the experiment elaborated with the basic tutorial guide only text_from_display objects are shown. My instructions, my end of practice, and my end of experiment. But none of the sequencers appears. It is very frustrating. It is like it jumps, from one text display to another every time i click OK. What can I do? I tried changing the back-end to legacy and to expyriment and nothing changes. It always says experiment run successfully when it clearly is not.


  • Have you added at least a single line to the loop table? If not, the loops will just be skipped. If you give us more information on your implementation we will be able to help you better.


  • That solved it! thanks!! your rock! Only with legacy back-end though. So every time i have a loop table inside a loop table at least one dummy variable is needed in the first?

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