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[solved] Eye Tracking EDF Trial Count Not Matching True Trial Count In OS Output.

edited July 2014 in OpenSesame

Hi folks,

I've started to take a proper look at my eye tracking data and discovered something a little odd.

A little bit of background:

I didn't label my eye tracking correctly so as to be able to identify each trial type in the EDF output. Therefore I'm working on a little bit of python script to take the trial types from the OpenSesame .csv output and map together with EDF * start_trial to identify what eye tracking data belongs to which trial type.

However, I did a simple count based on the start_trail (where I presume a trial begins and eye tracking data is recorded from) in the EDF and the files I've done this on return values lesser than the total number of trials run in the experiment. In the order of hundreds less.

Could this be due to failed eye tracking on some trials and if so is there a way to identify which trials have no eye tracking data in the OpenSesame .csv file?

Thanks for your time as always,



  • edited July 2014

    I think the issue may lie in the fact that I've been opening the converted EDF files (asc) in Excel and saving as .csv files. Excel doesn't appear to be capable of loading the full file contents and by me saving what has been loaded as .csv it is obviously missing out on the unloaded data.

    EDIT: Yup that's what it was. Solved by reading asc and writing to csv in python.

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    Good to hear, and thanks for letting us know that figured it out!

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