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Hi guys and thanks for your work.
To me JASP is quite comprehensive of pretty much everything now, the only important test I see is still missing is the non-parametric one-way Anova. Could you please add a Friedman Anova? That would be very much appreciated... Thanks!


  • If I'm not mistaken this has already been implemented in the developer's version!

  • Hi @mattemar,
    as reported by @EJ, in the version of Jasp for developers, which I tried recently, there are new interesting updates and among these non-parametric statistics for the ANOVA module.
    With ANOVA and ANCOVA, you can also find the Kruskal-Wallis Test, with Repeated Measures ANOVA, find the Fridman Test (see the screenshot).

    I think that soon you can enjoy this and more with the release of the Jasp 0.8.7 version.
    Thanks to the whole JASP Group, for the work and interesting and useful updates.


    Thanked by 1EJ
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