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Normailty test in descriptives menu


just started to look at introducing JASP to my undergraduate students (Psychology, Uni of York, UK) as a companion to SPSS. The interface and output are all so much more usable.

One thing i took a while to find was how to check normailty. I found it via the t-test, which works fine, but is a bit odd when I can get the plots from the Desc. Stats menu. Be nice to be able to check that box in the same place (DS) and get a Shapiro-W at the same time.

cheers for awesome package



  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the feedback and the nice words. If you like your suggestion to have permanent impact you can post it on our GitHub page ( I am of two minds about adding the normality test to Descriptives. On the one hand it is handy, but on the other it blurs the distinction between what is descriptive and what is inference...


  • thanks for speedy reply. Whilst I can see it strictly blurs that distinction, I think it'd be a pragmatic compromise (also the phrase Normality **Test ** is a giveaway :-) and highly usable / intuitive.
    One issue with SPSS is often finding the things you want and it not working they way that people want to.

    I'll add it to the GitHub request.


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