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Rollapp online version

There was an enthusiastic article on the blog about JASP "webified" by Rollapp. I tried the app on my android tablet.
I would now call JASP on Rollapp a crippled version of JSAP: you can't save your files to the cloud, you can't download your files to your computer, - though this is part of their success story on the front webpage. You can only read your data from the cloud and you can't save your results neither on the pc nor on the cloud. -

And then, at the end, I read : Your Android is not supported. I run Android 7.1.1 .
Similar on my smartphone running under Android 5.1.
Anyone suceeded to make it run on one of these Android versions ?

The ugly truth is: you have to pay 7 € per month for OpenSource. This is not clear when you start. And I made it never running.
Anyone who knows how to make it run ?


  • Hi ftr,

    This is true -- you cannot save files to the cloud without paying. However, there is a workaround. JASP allows you to log into the OSF, and you can upload and download files from any directory there. So that's a loophole that might make the Rollapp implementation of JASP more attractive.

    Note: the JASP team is in no way affiliated with Rollapp. They just took our open-source code and webified it, as they appear to do on a regular basis with tons of other open-source code as well. I only learned about Rollapp through Twitter.


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