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Loading audio files produces strange behaviour.

edited October 2018 in OpenSesame

Hi Folks,

I've tried loading an audio file using the sampler and inline script in OpenSesame.

The file in question has a sine wave tone panned to the left for 10ms, followed by silence for 100ms, and finally a sine wave tone panned to the right for 90ms.

When the files are played in OpenSesame the tones are replaced with clicks and are presented to both ears/speakers (resulting in perceived central presentation).

I've tried converting the WAV files to OGG but the problem persists.

I'm using Windows 10 OS.

Any ideas on how to address this?




  • To elaborate more: when the file is loaded and played it doesn't play the 2 sinewave tones (one left speaker, silence, and one right speaker) as the original file does but only plays a single click sound in both speakers at the same time.

    Could this be a compatibility issue? A driver issue? I'm really out of ideas my end.

  • I've solved the issue. I was using VLC as a converter for the file from WAV to OGG (as suggested in an older thread). Apparently it wasn't working correctly. I used an online converter and it now works. Hope someone else will find this solution helpful!

    Another note on VLC: when converting any file it seems to shave off a little at the end of audio/video so user beware.



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