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Repeated measures Bayesian ANOVA possible bug?


I'm trying to run a four factor repeated measures Bayesian ANOVA but am having some inconsistencies pop up.

When I specify my four factors with the various levels under the 'Repeated Measures Factors' heading, all seems fine. However, when I try to specify them in the 'Repeated Measures Cells' table, for some reason the levels of the 3rd factor are given the name of the 4th factor and the 4th factor levels revert back to 'Level 1' and 'Level 2'. All of this is reflected in the 'Descriptive' tables as well.

I've tried this numerous times across different OS and it is always the same (currently running JASP 0.9.1 on Windows 10). Also, this only occurs for a four factor ANOVA, three factor and below ANOVAs are all fine.

Thank you for reading.


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