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How should we report very large Bayes factors? (APA)

edited January 12 in JASP & BayesFactor

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I did a search and couldn't find an answer. I also couldn't find any APA documentation that answered this question either.

I was wondering how we should report very large Bayes factors in a paper? e.g., should I report a Bayes factor of 12233455 as:

  • 12233455
  • 1.22 × 10^7
  • 1.22e7
  • 12.23 × 10^6
  • BF10 > 100
  • None of the above?



  • Hi Butler,

    I would usually report the number (so not BF > x). How you report that large number -- I don't have a preference. Surely the APA offers sage advice on reporting large numbers? I would generally go with what people find easiest to understand.


  • Thank you for the reply. I'll try to find some APA documentation on the topic~!

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