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Discrepant results between JASP & BayesFactor - Repeated Measures ANOVA

edited January 30 in JASP & BayesFactor

subj = 1:10,
Hey all

I am finding different results between the two when conducting a bayesian repeated measures anova, and I'm not sure if I'm mis-specifying it (in JASP or BayesFactor) or interpreting the output incorrectly.

Example experiment: Subjects are assigned conditions (treatment vs. control) and take two tests (science and math).

df <- data.frame(
subj = 1:10
condition = sample(x=c("treatment", "control"), size = 10, replace = T)
science.score = sample(x = 50:100,size =10, replace = T)
math.score = sample(x = 25:75,size =10, replace = T))

df.long <- melt(df, = "test", = "score",
id.vars = c("subj", "condition"))

When I perform a frequentist repeated measures anova in JASP and BayesFactor, the results converge:

However, when I do a Bayesian Repeated Measures ANOVA, the results diverge (or, at least I think they do):

I specified both ANOVAs the same way in JASP, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!

Any help would be much appreciated


  • The difference in the analysis is that JASP compares all models to the Null model that includes subject.

    To replicate the results in R you would have to include "subj" into the model as well. In your example, it wasn't included which you can see from the "Against denominator: Intercept only"

    A reproducible example:

    df <- data.frame(
      subj          = factor(1:10),
      condition     = sample(x=c("treatment", "control"), size = 10, replace = T),
      science.score = sample(x = 50:100,size =10, replace = T),
      math.score    = sample(x = 25:75,size =10, replace = T)
    write.csv(df, file = "C:/Users/donvd/Downloads/jaspBRMANOVA.csv")
    df.long <- reshape2::melt(df, = "test",    = "score",
      id.vars       = c("subj", "condition")
    write.csv(df.long, file = "C:/Users/donvd/Downloads/jaspBRMANOVA_long.csv")
    summary(aov(score ~ test * condition + Error(subj), data = df.long))
    # does not include subject!
    bf1 <- BayesFactor::anovaBF(score ~ test * condition, data = df.long, whichRandom = "subj")
    # includes subject!
    bf2 <- BayesFactor::anovaBF(score ~ test * condition + subj, data = df.long, whichRandom = "subj")

    The results in R:

    The results in JASP:

    There is still a small numerical discrepancy, but that is nothing to worry about. I hope that solves the issue!

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  • awesome, thank you @vandenman for the help!

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