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Running old files on modern displays.

edited January 31 in OpenSesame

Hi folks,

I've read some threads here on calculating visual angle of stimuli based on pixel count, display screen width etc (I'm currently looking into this with my old lab) but I have a question regarding using OpenSesame files on monitors that differ from the originally used monitor.

As I've alluded to I'm running old OpenSesame files on modern LCD screens when the files were originally used with an LG CRT 21" monitor. The LCD screens are much bigger than the CRT.

I have kept the original resolution in the instructions and not changed any of the stimuli pixel size etc. however, when presented the stimuli are packed much closer together in space than the original presentation on the old CRT monitor.

Is there something I need to adjust on the LCD monitor such as resolution to match the original monitor (which I've tried, and it looks better but maybe not quite right) etc. that will replicate the original stimuli presentation?

As always, thanks for your time,



  • Hi Boo,

    I think you have to set the resolution of your monitor to the dimensions of your old monitor. What is happening is that both the dimension in terms of width/height as well as in terms of pixel count changed. So basically, single pixels were larger in your old screen than in the new one, but relatively more so than your new screen is larger than the old one.

    Does this make sense? (I'd really like to know...)


  • Hi Eduard,

    Apologies for the delay in response.

    I did try what you suggested prior to posting the original question but that didn't seem to work. I've gone back and gotten 2 independent measures of stimuli and visual angle from the old monitor so I've adjusted accordingly.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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