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How to represent different repeated measure in the same Box Plot graph


How can I represent in the same box-plot graph the boxes of the different variables in the same graph rather than several graphs, one for each of the measures.

Thanks by advance for your help.


  • Let me check, but I think you only get them in a single plot if you have all values in a single column and then use the "split by" option (that points to another column that indicates the variables)


  • In the present case I haven't any between group. Only one group and several repeated measures ...

  • And you want box plots for every repetition, right? So then you need a column that lists the that information. For instance:

    repetition RT

    1 550

    1 645

    2 440


    Then you do "split" by repetition.

  • I' m not sure I made it clear.

    For instance if I have 40 participants who have completed a test in 3 conditions (A, B & C), rather than having a box plot for each condition separately, in some cases it may be useful to have all 3 conditions on the same graph with the 3 box plots.

  • Yes. So then you need a column that codes the condition (A, B, or C) so that you can do "split" by condition. The data file would look like this: DV condition

    1 350 A

    1 450 B

    1 457 C

    2 345 A


    You would then create a boxplot for "DV" that is "split" according to "condition". Please let me know if I am missing something



  • I'm sorry, but I still have not figured it out!

    Would you please show me the process on these fictive data??

    Here the .jasp file :

    En attach the .csv data

    Manay thanks for you help?

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