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95% Credible vs Confidence Intervals for the Mean

Hello JASP team, colleagues.

Is it correct that the 95% CREDIBLE intervals for the mean that are calculated in Bayesian Independent Samples t-Test when Descriptives and Descriptives Plots are selected are the same as the 95% CONFIDENCE intervals for the mean?

To illustrate, in the screen capture below, SPSS output illustrating confidence intervals is on the left and JASP 0.9.2 output illustrating credible intervals is on the right. Both sets of output were calculated using the same data, obviously.

This is probably all perfectly normal, but it just seems a bit odd to me that two different statistics should be exactly the same...

Regards, Peter Allen


  • Hi Peter

    Yes, they are the same, because for this more descriptive measure we assumed a uniform prior. And in this model, the results will then be identical.



  • Thanks EJ!

    Regards, p

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