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JATOS, OSWEB and other libraries


Is it possible to combine Experiment exported as JATOS study with other libraries (as SurveyJS library

or jsPsych 6.0.0 with the ‘canvas-drawing-circle’ plugin-in for example)?

I can import to JATOS Tryout Server but not to my account.

The error is "request entity too large".

How to solve this problem?

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,



  • Hi Lucie,

    in general it is possible to use all libraries that work in the browser with JATOS (JATOS cares for the server side and leaves the browser to you). Another question is whether you can combine particular libraries like OSWeb, survey.js or jsPsych with each other. That depends. One possibility I can think of is to run them in different components in JATOS, e.g. the first component uses survey.js and the second jsPsych.



  • Hi Kri,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I will try to run them in different components in JATOS.

    Best regards,


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