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Non-parametric Bayesian tests?


I've read in another post that the requirements for performing Bayesian statistics are similar to the requirements in frequentist statistics (such as normal distributions, sphericity etc. for different analyses).

I've seen in JASP (Version 0.10.2) that there are non-parametric options for the frequentist statistics (e.g. Friedman test for the RM ANOVA). But I haven't found non-parametric tests in the Bayesian statistics section. So, I was wondering whether there is e.g. a Bayesian Friedman test in JASP?




  • Dear SClausen,

    Johnny van Doorn has developed several rank-based Bayesian methods, some of which have already been implemented in JASP. We'll implement the others as well, and then take a good look at ANOVA.



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