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Parallel analysis for EFA in JASP


I wanted to ask which underlying R function JASP uses to run the parallel analysis in order to quantify the number of factors for an exploratory factor analysis?

I ran the same EFA in JASP and R using the fa.parallel function (psych package). With the fa.parallel function, I get 6 factors no matter which factor method I use (minres, ml, wls, gls, pa). However, JASP outputs 10 factors when I use the parallel analysis option to extract the number of factors.

Looking at the scree plot, I can see that one could argue for two different points of inflexion, yielding either 6 or 10 factors. However, based on the scree plot, I would think that 6 factors are the more straightforward solution and I am puzzled that the parallel analysis in JASP yields a different result. Therefore, I would really appreciate your help!


  • I'll ask our EFA expert. Sorry for the tardy response, this slipped through the cracks...more to follow



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