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Is JASP capable of running Kruskal Wallis test and Multivariate Analysis of Variance?


I am teaching a research and design graduate course and I am trying to teach my students parametric and non-parametric tests. When I click on ANOVA tabs, I don't see an option for a Kruskal Wallis test. Does anyone know if JASP is capable of running a Kruskal Wallis test. Also, I am wondering how to run a multivariate ANOVA (MANOVA) for multiple dependent variables vs. a multi-way ANOVA for independent variables. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Ksryan,
    The current version of JASP does not do the Kruskal Wallis test. Neither does it have MANOVA. Obviously these things are high on our to-do list (the Kruskal Wallis test higher than the MANOVA).


  • Any idea if Kruskal-Wallis test will be available in the next version(s) of JASP?

  • Definitely. Not the next version (this is in a few weeks), but perhaps the one after that.

  • Hello JASP team. I am wondering if there is an updated timeline for Kruskal Wallis test to be included in the ANOVA function? Thank you so much.

  • Hi Chris,
    The next release, which is right around the corner, will have both the Kruskal Wallis and Friedman tests!

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