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[bug] Find & Replace function

edited May 2014 in OpenSesame


just wanted to report a tiny bug:
Whenever I search for an existing word, it can find this word, but it wont let me replace it by the same word + something new.
For instance, I look for the word this_is_a, it will find it. But when I want to replace this_is_a with this_is_a_test, it wont do it.

PS: I am running the most recent version of OpenSesame.


  • edited 2:20AM

    Hi Michel,

    Congrats with your paper! (I received a Google Scholar notification of it.)

    And yes, thanks for the input. Disallowing these kinds of replacements is a quick hack to avoid recursion problems, but it should be improved!


  • edited May 2014

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    That makes sense, yeah! But I am just lazy and hence a frequent user of the replace function ;)
    Thanks for the congratz.

    Great program! Keep it up!

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