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[Bug] Webpage doesnt open

edited June 2015 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastiaan,

just a quick super minor bug report.
I had this error message the other day:

The key 'None' is not recognized by the psycho keyboard backend. Please refer to for a list of valid keys.

As you can see there is a webpage reference in there. If I click on it in the small error message window, it does not open the browser to load the webpage but the error message window turns blank (white). I am not sure whether it tries to load the webpage in there. I am also not sure whether you actually wanna fix that but I just wanted to get it out there. ;-)


  • edited 1:42AM

    Hi Michel,

    So the bug is not the error message itself, but the fact that the URL is not opened, right? That should be easy enough to fix. But how did you get this error message? I don't see it anywhere in the code. What version of OpenSesame are you using?


  • edited June 2015

    Yes! It is only when trying to open the webpage using the link in the error message window.

    I think I was inserting 'None' in the keylist instead of just None when manually programming the response item. So thats why the error message refers me to the manual to look up valid commands for keys.

    I am using the 2.8.3. version! EDIT: Just realized that this is far from the current version... so that may be already fixed. Sorry!

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