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Retrieve "cycles" or a variable for the number of cycles in a block loop

edited January 2017 in OpenSesame


there is a thing that is bugging me for a while: I often need the number of cycles of e.g. my experimental block. That is, I want to have a variable telling me the number of trials in my block(s). Defining it myself for every experiment is very error prone since I may do changes in the block item but forget to adjust my variable.
I wonder, therefore, is there any such variable? When looking into the script of the block item, I see there is a variable called cycles which does just that. But it seems I cannot call it (at least not with var. or var.get(...)).
Is there any way to retrieve the value of cycles? If not, is there another variable indicating the cycles of a block that I can retrieve? If not either, it would be great to be able to or to have one!



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