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edited March 6 in OpenSesame

Hi @sebastiaan me again.

I´m trying to measure galvanic skin response with NeuLog sensor but I can´t figure out what is the best way to do it in combination with OpenSesame at the same time.

So, the aim of the experiment is to measure the GSR once the participant observe a violent religious image and compare the GSR when they observe a violent no religious image, and so on.

Then, the first thing is to have the GSR of each participant during the experiment, and second I need like a timeline that shows me the GSR of the participant an the point where the image was shown. In that way I can match the points of the GSR data and the image (the images gonna be display in random order), and know how the image affects participants' GSR.

I was trying to use two computers one with OpenSesame and the other with NeuLog´s software but was a completely mess.

I found a discussion in the forum where someone was asking you about the NeuLog but the discussion is to old and I couldn´t understand if he was asking you something like I need.

Thanks for your time.



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