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Recording mouse clicks while continuing to display other stimuli

edited June 2019 in OpenSesame

Hello, everyone!

I am creating an experiment where the test phase is a simple RSVP task, which corresponds to the rapid detection of a target form among a series of 12 successive forms.

More precisely, I have 12 shapes divided into 4 triplets. In the test phase, one form is chosen as the target form (among the 12) and the 4 triplets are presented successively (12 forms, one after the other). The participant must then click on the left mouse button as soon as he sees the target, while the forms must continue to scroll (which is my problem...)

So I built a loop that displays the 12 forms one after the other. But as my loop is built, I can only record mouse clicks for 600ms (400ms of presentation of the target form + 200ms of the ISI) which is very short...

If someone has a solution for me, I would be grateful!

Thank you in advance!

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