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Off line analysis - Area of Interest

Hello, I am new here. I am using OpenSesame/PyGaze to build free viewing experiment using GP3HD. How can I set areas or interest for an off line analysis? Each picture will have a different (set of) area or interest.

Another question related to that is if PyGazeAnalyser can handle with areas of interest.

Thanks in advance



  • I took a look in this tutorial

    But as my experiment would have different interest areas for each sequential picture, I would appreciate if somebody could give me a help



  • Hi Filipe,

    This plugin might be useful:

    But as it is not really documented, I can't really give more information on how to use it. Maybe @sebastiaan can help?

    If not with this toolbox, and if the GP3HD does not provide an interface that you can access to create ROIs, you will have to write some code that checks whether a fixation (x,y) lay within a certain region of an image. This is certainly a bit annoying (particularly if the ROIs will be different for each image), but for an offline analysis definitely an option.

    Good luck,


  • @Yavor Can you chip in here?

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