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OpenSesame with Python 3


I'm not sure if this has been discussed, so I thought I might ask here.

Given the sunset of Python 2, what is the plan with some packages that are still incompatible and not available in OpenSesame with Python 3? One of my concerns is, can we communicate with EyeLink any other way than using PyGaze?




  • Hi Intan,

    For now, the plan is to keep building also a Python 2 package, even though it won't be the default anymore. Obviously, the ideal scenario will be that PyGaze (which is the only package still not Python-3 compatible) is finally updated, @Edwin !



  • Almost there with Python 3 integration!

  • Good work!

    Sebastiaan, do you happen to have an Ubuntu ppa with the python3 package (and python3 dependencies)?

    BTW i did not notice pygaze was not finished yet in py3, it seem to install fine through pip3.

  • Hi Bob,

    Yes, you can install it from the `rapunzel` ppa!




  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thanks, how stupid of me, I was not really awake yet. I already know this ppa and fiddled with it before.

    Did some testing today and had some problems with the plugin system. Will explain more in the rapunzel thread.

  • @sebastiaan and @Edwin ,

    sounds like good news! Thanks guys for the hard work - it's amazing :-) I will test it out tomorrow and see how it works.

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