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[open] Qnotero and Gnote

edited February 2013 in Miscellaneous

I have Gnote installed on Ubuntu 12.10. I have added notes to Zotero files as suggested: Duhamel et al. (1992) Science 255...however, when I search for these in Qnotero they don't show up. I also create a series of notes in Gnote following the same format, but they don't show either.



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    Hi Ricardo,

    Qnotero doesn't use the Zotero note system, so that won't work. However, notes stored in Gnote should appear.

    First of all, you need to have an item in Zotero that has all the proper information. This must be a Journal Article, a Book Chapter, or something along those lines—not a .pdf directly inserted into Zotero (although a .pdf may be stored as an attachment to the reference).

    Next, you add a note to Gnote that has at least the first author and the year in it. This line must be bold, and may appear anywhere in the note. Like so:

    Duhamel et al. (1992) Science 255

    If you then search for Duhamel in Qnotero, a line should appear at the bottom that says 'Right click on item to view note'.

    If you have tried this and it doesn't work, then Qnotero may look in the wrong folder. By default, /home/[user]/.local/share/gnote is used. If this folder doesn't exist, /home/[user]/.gnote is used. If this folder doesn't exist either, notes are disabled.

    To get some debugging info, you can start Qnotero in a terminal and take a look at the relevant lines in the output. Qnotero should say that it is using GnoteProvider and specify a folder.

    libqnotero._themes.default.__init__(): using '/usr/share/qnotero/resources/default'
    qnotero.reInit(): using GnoteProvider
    libgnote.__init__(): gnote path is /home/sebastiaan/.local/share/gnote
    libzotero.__init__(): zotero_path = /home/sebastiaan/Zotero
    libzotero.update(): indexing completed in 0.456s search for 'dummy' completed in 0.020s
    qnotero.updateCheck(): opening
    qnotero.updateCheck(): most recent version is 0.48


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