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Arranging Display and Interstimulus Interval Durations Separately


I'm new to OpenSesame. So far, I must say that I love it!!! It's easy to use and Python integration is incredible.
Thanks to everyone.

So, I have an experiment. Basically, 15 pictures are randomly changing. Picture durations should be 5000 ms and interstimulus interval (ISI) between the pictures should be 1000 ms. I want to arrange picture and ISI durations separately.
Is there any way to do that?

Most probably, there is an answer in the forum, but I couldn't find my exact answer. Because, whenever I try to change the picture duration, the ISI duration is also changing.

Thank you for the help..


  • Hi,

    The easiest solution is to have a blank screen (e.g. empty sketchpad) between each picture. Then, you can use separate duration values into the duration fields of the 'sketchpad`s. If you want to manipulate them, it probably makes sense to define them as variables, and put the variables in the duration fields. Does that make sense?


  • Hi Eduard,

    Thank you for reply.
    I had the same idea. Make sense.

    Thanks again.


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