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Video Recording during an experiment with OpenSesame

in my experiments people are video recorded while they watch stimuli and anwser questions about them via OpenSesame. I have an inline python-script that starts videdo recording via OpenCV. The script itself works, but I can not proceed with the experiment and everythin chrashes at the end. In earlier version I would have solved this with parallel items, but this option does not seem to be there anymore.
Thank you very much for your help!


  • Hi Zimtschnecke,
    We removed the parallel item because it was very unstable and caused a lot of crashes or other unwanted behavior. Maybe you could elaborate a bit on what you are trying to achieve, because it is not entirely clear from your description above. You seem to want to 1) start recording participants with a webcam 2) show a number of stimulus displays 3) register a response 4) stop recording. Do you want to record per trial or throughout the whole experiment?

  • Hi Daniel,
    thanks for your anwser! Yes, this is exactly what I want. And I would like to record through the whole experiment. I managed to do this now with starting a recording software via an inline-script and a python subprocess. But there is one problem I am still struggling with: When I start the experiment the sequence starts with the inline-script. The display with the stimuli follows, but it is always first in the background and I have to open it by pressing a key and click at it. Is there any command to force the display to be in the front of everything that I could include?

  • Even though this behaviour is weird, it should be possible, but it depends on which backend you're using. Are you using legacy, expyriment or psychopy?
    Are you running your experiment full screen by the way?

  • edited February 2017

    I am running it full screen and I have tried it with all backends now:
    1) If I run it with Psychopy the described behavior does not occur and the experiment screen stays in the front, but then it chrashes after few seconds.
    2) With legacy the experiment runs stable, but there I have this problem that the stimuli-presenting-screen of opensesame minimizes during the experiment. When the video recording starts, the experiment screen pops-down to the task bar and I have to open it manually again by clicking at it.
    3) Using Xpyriment leads to a minimzed screen that can not be maximized at all.

  • Hello Zimtschnecke,
    I'm trying to record with webcam during the experiment.
    I'm encountering the same problem you did, can't proceed with experiment after the inline script/
    how did you solve it?
    thank you!

  • I suggest using VideoSolo Screen Recorder for better recording experience. It is truly professional and supports recording screen and webcam simultaneously along with system sound and mic audio as well.
    You are allowed to capture any active window for quicker and more convenient experience.

    It has a free trial version, which has all the same features as the pro version except that it is limited in length. Perhaps you can give it a go.

  • edited November 2018

    Windows 10 has a built-in feature to record video, you can use it to try again.

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